Firehouse Subs Exclusive Tasting: The Pub Steak Sub


Firehouse Subs asked me to try their featured special the Pub Steak Sub and this bad boy was out of this world amazing!

Everything used to make this sub was all premium quality meat, fresh ingredients and no oils or any of that greasy stuff. All their menu items are hot subs with the exception of tuna, but you have the option to make any of their hot subs cold. The process of making the Pub Steak Sub is what gives it it's excellent taste; it's steamed and not just put in a toaster and heated. The steam brings out the flavor of the meat so much more, and it definitely is something you can taste once you take a bite and this is a process that goes into anything hot you order off the menu.

I went through the whole preparation process step by step and the steaming seems to be the one factor that distinguishes Firehouse Subs from the rest. You have the choice of choosing between white or wheat bread and I ordered my Pub Steak Sub on wheat. What goes into this beauty featured below is sautéed steak, beer cheese sauce and crispy onions. You want to know what beer is used with the cheese? Blue Moon.

I took my first bite and it just melted into my mouth. The cheese is an explosion of taste followed by the flavorful sautéed steak and with a hint of crispy onions. If you are a lover of melted cheese this sub was made for you.

Firehouse Subs also features a menu of add on ingredients you can add to your sub to make it up to your exact palette specifications. You can also find a wall full of hot sauces ranked by number to determine hotness.

Please feast your eyes below on the Pub Steak Sub followed by a picture of how these subs are served (btw, the pickles are yumzo).

Pub Steak Sub

Pub Steak Sub

Actual Depiction of Subs Presentation

Actual Depiction of Subs Presentation

In addition to authentic subs, Firehouse Subs is a proud helper of the community. They actively donate money they have raised in their Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation to public safety organizations in the local community.

Here in Tucson they have donated to both Firemen and Policemen a couple thousand of dollars in equipment and instruments that are imperative for their safety and the full functionality of their branches respectively.

Talk about awesomeness!

Next time you stop by your local Firehouse Subs make sure to donate to this wonderful cause and know that your money is helping in saving the lives of those who save ours.

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Locations In Tucson:

475 W Wetmore Rd #135, Tucson, AZ 85705

3844 W River Rd #110, Tucson, AZ 85741

5435 S Calle Santa Cruz #105G, Tucson, AZ 85706


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